Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Victorian Children

Living History Reenacting with children can be quite an adventure! My first son started reenacting with my husband and me when he was five months old, and my second son started when he was three months old. There are a lot of challenges to reenacting with children especially when camping over night! However it can be a lot of fun as well. Both of my boys love to dress up. And we are constantly being asked by photographers and spectators if they can take the boys pictures. But how can you resist!

Here is my two year old. He's an old pro at reenacting!
He even knows how not to smile at the camera!

I love to take my two year old's picture when he doesn't know I'm taking pictures.

The Shirt my son is wearing was drafted after an original boys shirt that I have in my collection!

Here's me and my three month old! Yes ALL Babies wore dresses!
Technically my two year old should still be in a dress but it does not go over very well even in the reenactment circle.

And here is my precious little boy!


Anonymous said...

hi im danni

i love u site it's great.And u kids are well cute!!

Norkio said...

I live in California and reenact. Maybe it's just being in a different state, but we have a family with a little boy and he wore a dress until he was 4. It was downright adorable and opened up numerous opportunities for educating the public because they often asked about "the little girl" and the parents would launch into a speil about childrens clothing in the 19th century. :-)