Monday, April 27, 2009

Making a Civil War Dress ~ Part 2

My latest custom order civil war dress is finished and on its way to its new owner. Now for part 2 of Making a Civil War Dress.

Here is an up close shot of the fabric I promised. The little swirls are called paisleys. Paisley fabric was popular during the Civil War era.
This is the front, back, and side back of the bodice cut out and ready to be sewn. All bodices were lined during the civil war era so I have two layers of fabric for each piece. For civil war era dress the lining fabric and the fashion fabric where based together before sewing the pieces together. Today the lining fabric is sewn separate as well as the fashion fabric then they are sewn together. All the seams are show in the civil war era dress which made the dresses easy to alter whereas modern day dresses the seams would be in between the two layers of fabric and not accessible.

Here are the bodice pieces stitched together and ready to be connected. The front bodice which are the two pieces on the top have two darts on each side. It is often referred to as double darted.

Here is the bodice on my dress form all ready to have the sleeves added.
The final part of Making a Civil War Dress, I will show the finished dress as well as the detailing.


The Ebon Swan said...

And this is why *you* make the dresses, and I just wear and talk about them. :P I couldn't sew to save my soul.

Pam Walter said...

Wow! These are lovely and I can hardly wait to see the finished paisley product.

wanderlustnpixiedust said...

Just discovered your blog through Twitter and thoroughly enjoyed my visit!