Monday, August 25, 2008

Civil War Doll Dress

I am back from the wedding and ready to start blogging again! Today I want to share with you another Etsy seller, Hannah's Handwork. Hannah is a new seller on Etsy but I think she will become very popular especially as the Christmas season approaches. Take a look at these cute civil war doll dresses she makes. They are just darling. What little girl would not want one of these!

This dress is a 3 piece set that includes the dress, a hoopskirt and a petticoat. That is a really good deal for $25! The dress will fit an 18 inch doll such as the American Girl dolls.

Here is an up close look at the petticoat!

Here's another three piece set!

This is my favorite! It is a 5 piece set that includes a bodice, skirt w/underbodice, hoop skirt, petticoat and bonnet. I just love the bonnet!

Here is an up close photo of the detail on the dress.

Check out Hannah's Handwork on Etsy. She has some more dresses as well as other items. Hannah's Handwork is a new shop so more items will be listed soon. (These photos were used with permission from Hannah's Handwork.)

I hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful civil war doll dresses as much as I do! If you would like more information about the dresses just click on the photos and it will take you to Hannah's Handwork.


Momstart said...

Your dresses are beautiful. I can't believe that silk dress is only 250.00. The quality is amazing

Lidian said...

You are so talented, those are beautiful doll dresses! I know how much work goes into them, since my mom used to make loads of doll clothes for my dolls and I saw how she did it (she made my clothes too, and some of hers)

Anonymous said...

Wow - these dresses are magnificent. My family are Civil War buffs and this is so interesting.