Sunday, August 31, 2008

Civil War Inspired Art

I would like to introduce a new seller on Etsy, Alissa Studio. Alissa set up shop last week and I just love her art work. I found out about her site after I wrote my last post. This is what she says of herself on her Profile:
"While working on my family tree, I became interested in those family members of whom I had no photos. I had piles of records, but no image of what they looked like. I began trying to create a visual reference for them in my paintings. Some of my paintings are inspired by these distant relatives of mine..." (Alissa Studio's Profile)


This is my favorite paint sold by Alissa Studio. I love the way Alissa captures the civil war look!

Here is an up-close view of Joy.

This painting by Alissa Studio was inspired by an old photograph of Alissa's great great great grandmother, Caroline.

Here is the whole painting of Caroline.

Here is another painting that I like from Alissa Studio. If you like these panitngs you should check to see what Alissa's other paintings! Alissa paints pictures portraits from several different eras.

Thank you Alissa for letting me feature you on my blog! (This pictures were used with permission from Alissa Studio)



I am amazed at how the women dressed then. It must have been terribly hot and uncomfortable for them. I love your blog. It is such an interesting time that you write about.

Alison said...

I love those! What a great idea.

I also wish I could buy one of your dresses, I'm forever looking at them at Etsy!

sarahanne said...

Alison, I thought you would like the Art! I think they are so much fun!

Your welcome to buy one of my dresses anytime!! (I also make custom dresses!)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to. I'll have to save up though and think about what I'd like. I can just see me swishing around the castle in one :D

Lidian said...

I've nominated you for an I Love Your Blog award - which I do!