Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Victorian Silhouettes

On Monday I went to a Church Rummage Sale. The sale started on Saturday so I did not expect to find any extraordinary treasures. However, much to my surprise I found the black and white framed silhouette of the Victorian Gentleman and Lady. It was in the bottom of a box of Christmas decorations. I don't believe the silhouette is hand cut. It looks like it could be painted.

I bought the silhouette and when I got home I got out my craft paper and made a few silhouettes of my own. Only my silouettes are hand cut! Pictured is my first silhouette I have listed in my Etsy Store, Victorian Times. I titled it "Victorian Bride". The silhouette remind me of a Bride holding her flowers as she is about to get married. Although my silhouette is not quite as detailed, I like the way it turned out. And with more practice I hope to make more detailed silhouettes in the future.


Lidian said...

You are really talented, that is beautiful!

And the Victorian era silhouette is lovely, too.

I just did a post about a little silhouette I found in a box made by my gg grandfather, on Dime Museum. The woman who did it (1830s-1840s?) had no arms or hands. (Should still be on my main page if you are interested)

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind - I've tagged you.

sarahanne said...

Hi Jean, I'm not sure how to get to your blog since your comment is posted as anonymous.

Anonymous said...

wow! i guess great minds think alike! great blog, i totally enjoy it!



Anonymous said...

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