Sunday, September 7, 2008

An Interesting Find

I recently purchased a CDV album, from the civil war era, filled with CDVs. Some of the CDVs I plan to sell in my Etsy store Victorian Times, while others I intend to keep for my own collection. When I decide to keep a CDV it is because of something unique in the photo. While looking through the CDV album I came across the first picture shown. This picture of the older woman has an article of clothing that is not usually shown in photos, and that is a pinner apron.

Pinner aprons are aprons that have a bibbed front that is pined to the dress hence the name pinner apron. The aprons where worn to protect the dress while doing housework and such. Rarely where pinner aprons worn to take a nice picture.

The second picture is of a pinner apron and a work dress that I made a few years back. I have some pinner aprons made and I hope to be listing them in my Victorian Times store soon.
I am making some new dresses this week and I can't wait to post them for you all to see! Everyone has been so encouraging and kind in your comments!


Lidian said...

It is really interesting to see both the CDV and the actual apron (which is lovely) - I look forward to seeing more of the CDVs if/when you post about them.

Carapace said...

I love it! Please, do make the aprons. I'd love to see more middle class/working class Victorian garb.

Found you through Etsy, btw. Random search for "victorian clothing", and there you are!

sarahanne said...

Glad you found me carapace! I do have some aprons made. I just have to list them. Perhaps, tomorrow! I've been trying to list something new everyday.

sarahanne said...

Hi Lidian, I have some more great CDV's I plan to post later this week! I've been creating some new dresses that I plan to post as well!

Carapace said...

Sarahanne (oh how I wanted to be a Sarah Anne! Instead I got poor plebian Sarah Ann...) are you part of the one-a-day challenge group? It's way too much fun!

sarahanne said...

Carapace: I do like Sarah Anne rather than just plain Ann. My Mom wanted to name me Annie but Dad wanted Sarah and Sarah Annie just did not sound right. Although I would have liked Annie!

I'm not familiar with the one a day challenge. Maybe you can give me so more info!

Carapace said...

The One-A-Day challenge (current thread here):

is a bunch of Etsyers who've decided to try and update at least once a day. We can't always make it, of course, because Life Happens- a bunch of us got derailed by the hurricanes, for instance-- but the group's always there to help us get back on the wagon. No prize or anything, just a very friendly forum thread.

We tag our stuff, too:

Drop by and say hi!

Also: sorry if this double-posts. Blogger is being really weird.