Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More of My Favorites!

Here are two more CDVs that I plan on keeping! The first one is a picture of a young couple. They are either newly weds or a courting couple! Look at the way they are holding hands! When my husband and I were newly married we went to Civil War reenactments together. We were given a lot of grief for holding hands and public and where told that only courting couples hold hands, and not at all the way we hold hands now. I have not had a chance to research the art of holding hands during the Civil War era but now that I got this CDV it is a good reminder to want to know more!

The second CDV is of a civil war family. Wow! Six girls and only one boy! I wonder if they ever had any more. The image has faded with time but it is still a wonderful treasure. I just love large families. I know back then that it was normal to have a big family but now it's just not so common. My husband is the 2nd of 9 children, and I just love his family. It is fun to get together now that the family is getting bigger with Grandchildren!

When studying my family genealogy I found that most of my civil war ancestors had big families. And being from the south, all the boys of fighting age and sometimes even the fathers fought in the civil war. A couple families in my genealogy had all the boys fighting in the same civil war unit! (Of course it made my research a little easier!)

I hope you like these CDVs. I have some listed for sale in my Victorian Times store and plan to be listing more later.


Alice Dickens said...

I love these old photos.

I am always at our Toronto Antique Market to pick mine up.

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Alice Dickens said...

Thanks for the photo. I will post it soon. I managed to repair the major tear (break) in the middle of it but the baby is lovely and the hats is extraordinary,