Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A New Dress - One Custom Order Finished!

Here is my latest Custom order dress. This was a ready made dress that I made some changes to to suit my customer! It's going in the mail today and I can't wait until she gets it. So that is one custom order and three to go! Hopefully there are more on the way. I just love this time of year.

This is an underpinning set. I have it for sell as a custom order in my Etsy Victorian Times store now. This is for a muslin set. I plan on listing it as a flannel set as well. Dickens people and civil war reenactors can get very cold while attending fairs and reenactments!

This is just the Chemise. It tucks in to the pantaloons. I am working on one of these today. I traded this for a very pretty necklace from another seller on Etsy.

I've got to get back to sewing. I thought I would update everyone with my new finished projects.


Jennifer said...

Wow! You are talented. Your Civil War ball gown is beautiful! I am just getting into making and selling civil war period gowns.

sarahanne said...

Thanks Jennifer,
It is so much fun! I started three years ago and I have regular customers now! I started just by word of mouth and people seeing my dresses at reenactments. Now I go as a sutler when I can. I like that better than camping with the soldiers!!

Anonymous said...

looks great,you'r very talented

Anonymous said...

The green one is absolutely gorgeous!

Jenni said...

LOL. I made curtains out of that fabric a few years ago.
I love period costumes--I worked in costuming for 4 years and did quite a bit. :)